Scientific Name Cogilacerta zangal
Classification Spinosaurian biped
Average Height 8'2"
Average Weight 425lbs
Average Lifespan 60 Years
Native Language Zantra
Homeworld Grimlahd

The Zangali are tall, warm-blooded reptiloids with a wide stubborn streak and a strict code of honor. Although quick-tempered and disinclined to become fluent in alien languages, most Zangali do not fit the common misconception that they are dumb.

Granted, as a culture they are less wily than their Grimlahdi cousins. But they are forthright and pride themselves on straight-talking and honesty - and they take a dim view of people who betray or lie to them. At the same time, they have no qualms with resorting to terrorism to achieve their goals.

Zangali live on Grimlahd. Many worship a prophet named Zan and follow the Twelve Appellums of the Zanitrivex. These Zangali eat their deceased ancestors in a ceremony designed to absorb their wisdom.

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