Symbol of the yojj-sterling.

The yojj-sterling is the official currency of Sivad. The yojj-sterling replaced the yojj in 3002 after the yojj suffered catastrophic devaluations following the collapse of the Truffaut government. The new currency is linked to the price of polydenum and is thus considered one of the most stable currencies in the galaxy. The currency is divided into yojj-sterling composed of 100 cents. The plural form of yojj-sterling is yojj-sterling.

Well over ninety-five percent of the Sivadian money supply exists in an electronic form of some kind -- bank accounts, bonds, etc. However, there is still a physical currency in use on Sivad. Bank notes and coins are issued by the Sivadian central bank, the Bank of Sivad, and are considered legal tender.

Sivadian bank notes come in denominations of 5 yojj, 10 yojj, 20 yojj, 50 yojj, 100 yojj and 500 yojj. The notes are identical sizes but have different predominant colours and subject matter.

  • The 5 yojj note is predominantly green and depicts Independence Dome on the obverse and King Franklin I on the reverse.
  • The 10 yojj note is predominantly purple and depicts HMS Indefatigable on the obverse and Geoffrey Dorling on the reverse.
  • The 20 yojj note is predominantly blue and depicts an Enaj skyline on the obverse and Edward Sivad on the reverse.
  • The 50 yojj note is predominantly red and depicts the Council of Equals building on the obverse and Queen Paulette on the reverse.
  • The 100 yojj note is predominantly brown and depicts the Great Ynos Reef on the obverse and Dame Theresa Isherwood on the reverse.
  • The 500 yojj note is predominantly orange and depicts Cobb Square on the obverse and King Richard on the reverse.

All of these bank notes are protected with advanced anti-counterfeiting security features, including raised ink, complex patterns on the front of the bill, and molecular encoding.

Additionally, there are coins in the denominations of 2 yojj, 1 yojj, 25 cents, 10 cents, 5 cents and 1 cent. All the coins are composed of an alloy of nickel and zinc, and all are silver in colour. Every coin depicts King Richard on the reverse. The obverse sides of each coin are as follows: 2 yojj, Kuda sea horse; 1 yojj, Regreb albatros; 25 cents, native starfish; 10 cents, a stylized image of Ikeopo; 5 cents, a Regreb yellow fish; 1 cent, a dolphin.

Most business transactions on Sivad are performed using debit or credit cards, or other negotiable instruments. However, cash currency is still used in many situations.

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