yatmim is an Intermud router. It is a MUD which serves as a network hub for communication between muds using the Intermud-3 communication protocol.

The programming for the router system is roughly 95% copied directly from Tim@TimMUD's TMI router. The original yatmim router was in fact a TMI-2 mud fitted with Tim's code. Eventually it was ported to Dead Souls 2 and the router code is now included in every copy of the Dead Souls distribution.

The name "yatmim" was a joke acronym for "Yet Another T.M.I. Mud". Despite no longer being a TMI mud, the name for the router stuck. Note that the proper spelling is in all lower-case letters.

There are two main differences between yatmim and the old gjs router:

  • yatmim is in current operation.
  • yatmim has enforced rules of conduct on the 6 main chat channels.

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