Wicelilla Smithy

Statistical SummaryEdit

Born: 604

Died: N/A

Parents: Richard Grove and Lillian Peach

Children: Aldin, deceased at birth

Spouse: Barit Smithy, deceased

Birth and ChildhoodEdit

Wicelilla Smithy was born Wicelilla Grove in the spring of 604. Her mother died in childbirth, and she spent her childhood being raised by her father, Richard, who was a brewer turned tinker when his tavern tragically burned to the ground.

Although he spent his days selling various useless trinkets, he still managed to teach his daughter all that he could of brewing and wine making, instilling within her a desire to one day own her own tavern. When she reached fifteen, her father passed away due to complications from an illness, leaving her to travel into Hawk's Aerie where she managed to woo the local smith, Barit Smithy.

Young AdulthoodEdit

Smithy and Lia grew close quickly and married in a quiet ceremony with the priest and one other friend as a witness. Together they purchased a homestead in the Aerie, and worked together to obtain ownership of the local tavern, The Thirsty Trout, who had lost its last owner to a cart accident. It took a little bit of conniving, but they managed to obtain it under Wicelilla's name.

The Thirsty TroutEdit

Once obtained, Wicelilla did much to expand. An eerie accident, one that is a story of legends and is still quite muddled in the details, left the Trout damaged and without a roof. Barit and his crew of carpenters swept in and rebuilt the tavern as it was once before, but this time added on a private brewery and separate storeroom, as well as an upstairs with a few rooms that could be rented. Now the tavern thrives in the bustling River District township of Hawk's Aerie.

Death and TragedyEdit

For Wicelilla, the excitement of her life developments did not end. Two years after they were married, Lia became pregnant with their first child. The pregnancy was not particularly troublesome, although the baby ended up being born early and died during birth. This stillbirth took a toll on Lia, but she managed to hold strong along with the help of her husband, burying herself in her work.

The second tragedy was the loss of her husband - who also served as the town's constable - to a raggedy bandit gone feral.

Current StatusEdit

The widow Smithy still lives in her Hawk's Aerie home and can be seen out and about catering to her tavern patrons and devoting herself to work.

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