From the late 1300's CE until 1523, Grimlahd was in turmoil. A variety of factions of Grimlahdis all sought supreme control over the planet, very few having any sort of upper hand on the others. It was a bloody time, but as the years went on, one faction after another would fall, its leaders slain, its followers enslaved. In 1519, only two factions remained: those that followed Tuktill Sorii, and those that followed Jiktar the Stumptail.

A thick mountain range separated Tuktill and Jiktar's holdings from each other, which kept them at relative peace for four years. However, in 1523, one of Tuktill's generals slipped across the neutral valley of Grenkil and murdered Jiktar's would-be son in law the morning of his wedding.

It wasn't long before troops from both sides were pouring into the pastoral valley, clashing in sleepy agricultural hamlets. The war raged on for almost twenty-five years, killing over two hundred thousand Grimlahdi and almost seven hundred thousand Zangali.

In 1548, a third faction entered the fight under the banner of a Zangali by the name of Zan, a religious leader and former slave. His followers employed guerilla warfare, suicide bombings, and freeing of slaves to bring both factions to their knees within three months. Before the end of the year, the entire planet of Grimlahd was ruled by Zan.

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