Early Life Edit

Born in Luminary, on Vollista, Volouscheur was fairly unique from birth. One of a handful per generation (per Cave) to be born 'silent,' Scheur was mute from birth, her vocal chords maimed by her own genetics.
The problem was easily correctable, though....with modern medicine, when the person was young. With Volouscheur having been born on Vollista - home to only low-tech medical technology - and never having left until she was 33...the problem was quite permanent.
This would've been more of a problem if she hadn't been a telepath. As it was, she was just barred from singing and talking vocally.

She grew up as a fairly normal child, otherwise, not really considering herself as handicapped - nor did anyone else consider it something to be concerned about.

Leaving Home Edit

Finding herself lacking inspiration in her surroundings, Volouscheur decided, in 3005, to go wandering. Or found herself bitten by the wanderlust bug - whichever way one prefers to put it.

Wandering to Ungstir, Quaquan, Sivad, and Demaria, Scheur eventually made her way to New Luna where - confounding even herself - she joined the New Luna Militia.

Vollistans aren't meant to do violence, after all. They're too empathic - and they can't kill another without risking their sanity, as Volouscheur learned during the P.A.N.L. debacle.
After the mission to Ghost Island, Volouscheur cashiered her commission (although it was her Joined, Voliast, who paid the fee required for her to leave before her term was up) and, from there, joined Ruin Pia's crew. Voliast decided to go with her as she started wandering again, taking his leave from Winston Memorial Hospital, where he'd worked up until then, and resigning his post as the NLM's medical contractor.

Post-NLM Edit

One of the other reasons Volouscheur left the NLM - besides that she couldn't fight and hope to retain her sanity - was that she was being harrassed by Captain Norton, by means of his psi blocker. Despite several complaints once she became a civilian, the NLM didn't really do anything about this, so she took to avoiding him where possible. After a time, she sent a missive to Norton, warning that if he came near her with an active psi blocker again, she would press charges.

Watchers Edit

Some time after joining Ruin's crew, Volouscheur was made a member of the Watchers - against Voliast's protests and attempts to prevent it. While not one of the higher-ranking Watchers, her skills do make her quite useful to the group.

Today Edit

Volouscheur currently crews with the Star of Mercy, as ship's counsellor, and is carrying Voliast's first children - confirmed as twins.

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