Location Volir system
Coordinates X: 11060017
Y: 6490290
Z: 11400065
Climate Temperate/dry
Terrain Plains, Mountains, deserts
Population 3000
Government and Economy
Government Multiple
Gross World Product (GWP) Unknown

A brownish-green orb swathed in clouds, with about a third of its surface covered by seas.

The rest are continental land masses and polar caps. The planet's eco-systems range the gamut from arid desert to sub-tropical rainforests and tundra, the drier terrains growing more dominnt as one moves farther away from the planets handful of small, land locked seas.

The now empty centers of habitation are slowly being reclaimed by nature. While extreme disturbances in the upper atmosphere make life form readings unreliable, historical databases confirm that Val Shohob was deserted in the first quarter of 3004.

Those few humanoids remaining, of various races, live in scattered small communities with a total population no more than three hundred, save for a single community of Andromedans numbering close to 1000.

While EM probe reflections suggest moderate to high metal content, interference from stellar nebula and atmospheric ionization prevent details from this distance.

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