The Rock is defended by the Ungstiri Militia, a group of highly trained soldiers roughly 3,000 strong equipped with the inbred desire to protect their home at all costs.

Service in the militia is by no means mandatory. In fact, most of those who serve do so willingly. It is considered a great honor to participate in the defense of Mat Ungstir.

The Ungstiri Militia is divided into the following ranks:

Lower Ranks - Soldiers, petty officers, under-/non-commissioned officers

  • Matrose (Private)
  • Starshina 2nd and 1st class (Junior Sergeants)
  • Starshina (Sergeant)
  • Praporschik (Midshipman)

Mid-level Ranks - Officers

  • Lejtenant, junior grade (Lieutenant)
  • Lejtenant, senior grade (Lieutenant)
  • Captain (Captain-Lieutenant)
  • Polkovnik (Major)

Higher Ranks - Supreme Officers

  • Major General (Counter Admiral in times of war)
  • Lieutenant General (Vice Admiral in times of war)
  • Polkovnik General (Admiral in times of war)
  • Admiral of the Fleet (A rank used only during times of war, when a supreme officer is chosen to lead the militia against foes. The Political Commissar is often chosen for this task by the Committee)

The militia is run by a supreme officer who holds the unofficial title of Political Commissar. He is however addressed by rank.

Another position within the militia is that of the People's Commissar. This supreme officer oversees the Constabulary.

Both men answer directly to the Citizen's Committee.

The uniform: UM-UNIF

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