Ulbahno Holding Corporation, known also as UHC, is currently the largest single business entity on G'ahnlo. Its holdings control seven seats on the Commerce Council of G'ahnlo, the largest number controlled by a single interest on the Council. Approximately one-third of the businesses operating in Ulbahno Subcity are fully owned or controlled by UHC.

Holdings Edit

The following is an incomplete list of UHC's holdings.

  • Ulbahno Security Corporation
  • Ulbahno Medical Services (Commerce Council seat)
  • United Insurance of G'ahnlo (Commerce Council seat)
  • UlbahnoBANK (Commerce Council seat)
  • Standard Electric (Commerce Council seat)
  • StarBlue Interstellar
  • Ulbahno Subcity Shipyards
  • VeriCom (Commerce Council seat)
  • Destiny Resorts
  • Ulbahno Power & Light (Commerce Council seat)
  • Undersea Adventures
  • Ulbahno Construction Company (Commerce Council seat)

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