UKT Teamhair
Image of UKT Teamhair
Identification Number VRM-0704-AK3
Registry Ungstir
Class Galatea
Type Civspec
Owner Selyf Tresillian
Master Dement Volerann

A Galatea class freighter, the UKT Teamhair is part of Amethyst Operations and does cargo and materials transport. The ship is currently captained by Dement Volerann. The Teamhair was a participant in the evacuation of personnel from Ydahr, the transport of materials from G'ahnlo to Sivad at the height of the recent Nall invasion, and has provided services to the Kingdom of Sivad

The UKT Teamhair is an upgraded Galatea, with maximum enhancements to its sensor suite, primary insystem drive and an extension of its hull to increase cargo capacity from the typical 30k to, the maximum for it's class of, 50k.

The ships name is in Gaelic and pronounced T'yower or Tavvir

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