This is a three inch long by one inch diameter shiny plastic cylinder, colored in a variety of colors, depending on the flavor. At the top and to one side of the cylinder is an easy-press button set into the device itself, and opposite the button is a small spray nozzle.

Various methods of self-defense have been used throughout the ages by the common man, but few so effectively as the chemical spray. Inflaming the mucus membranes and burning at the surface nerves with highly acidic substances, these devices' aim is to cause as much immediate but temporary harm as possible to allow the victim to escape.

Tukla Fruit was discovered on Odari and found to be not only more effective than pepper sprays, but also more gentle on the user, as it has very little tendency to 'mist', and hurt the user as well. Because of its popularity, Tukla fruit has been extinct in the wild for over twenty years, and is only grown in high-security Odarite Merchants Guild facilities. The spray itself is developed by Personal Security Unlimited.

A sample of the varieties are as follows, with limited edition types released seasonally:

  1. Strawberry Slam
  2. Vanilla 'Nihillation
  3. Banana Blitz
  4. Mint Maul
  5. Jehanna Jam
  6. Hazah Harrowing
  7. Asparagus Axe

It is not recommended to use Tukla fruit spray against Ydahri or Maltarians except as a deadly weapon.

Regular-strength Tukla fruit spray is ineffective against several species, including Centaurans, Zangalis, Grimlahdis, Mekke, and Odarites. Personal Security Unlimited is still researching a chemical spray to affect these races. In the meantime, Grimlahd is the biggest buyer of Asparagus Axe, using it as both a breath spray and food additive.

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