The Loyal ToastEdit

At regular mess dinners in the Royal Naval Service, the senior member of the mess proposes the toast, "The King," and all present in a low voice repeat, "The King" and sip the toast. If an allied country's officer is a personal dinner guest in a mess where a nightly toast to the King is drunk, the mess president might propose a toast to the sovereign of that country after the usual toast to the King. That officer would then properly reply with a toast to the RNS. It should be remembered that at official State dinners, the Sivadian officer would toast the health of the allied Head of State (i.e. "The (president or king of the allied country)") and the senior allied officer would reply, "His Majesty, the King."

It is also a long standing tradition in the Royal Naval Service, most likely originating out of the lack of headroom in older ships, that while on-board ship the drink to the health of the Sovereign may be made while sitting down. The privilege of remaining seated does not extend to naval messes on shore, nor afloat when the National Anthem is played.

Traditional Wardroom Evening ToastsEdit

The following toasts are traditionally proposed by the junior officer present following wardroom dinner. The officer is generally not reminded of the proper toast, and should he forget, is obliged to buy a drink for every officer present.

Monday: Our ships in space.
Tuesday: The Specialists.
Wednesday: Ourselves (as no one else is likely to concern themselves with our welfare).
Thursday: A bloody war or a sickly season.
Friday: A willing foe and room to manoeuvre.
Saturday: Sweethearts and wives (or husbands) (may they never meet).
Sunday: Absent friends.

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