This article is about the in character history of OtherSpace. For information about the out of character, real life history of OtherSpace, visit Timeline of OtherSpace (real life).

The timeline of OtherSpace begins in 10,000,000 BCE, and the clock keeps running until it's a thousand years in the future. Years are measured in the Terran standard: three hundred and sixty-five days.

Pre-Arc timeline Edit

These are the events that occurred prior to the first major story arc in 1998.

10,000,000 BCE The Kamir settle the planet now called Sagittarius, or II'Ri'Kamm.
7,000,000 BCE The Kamir develop a complex artificial intelligence to make their daily lives more convenient.
4,000,000 BCE The Il'Ri'Kamm Hive Mind achieves full sentience, revolts against the Kamir and begins exterminating their masters. The few surviving Kamir develop a machine that allows them to escape to another dimension at the expense of their corporeal bodies.
508,000 BCE (approx.) Delta Ultunimus III suffers an unprovoked alien attack, beginning a war that lasts thousands of years.
~90,000 BCE The surface-dwelling Odarites and the underground-focused Mekke are considered to be two separate races, both living on Odari.
25,932 BCE The War of Broken Wing occurs, pitting the noble Odarite overclass against the servile Mekke underclass. Casualties are high on both sides, but the Odarites eventually beat back the uprising. The Mekke are driven deeper and deeper into the caves of Odari, but now at least have their freedom.
22,190 BCE The Mekke fashion a huge colony ship and leave Odari, seeking a less-repressive world to call their own. They will eventually settle on Ist'thol'mek.
4067 BCE Centaurans make first contact with the people of Akripa, now called the Castori.
7000 BCE The Shohobian Mystics and their Timonae brethren experience The Parting, as the exiles leave on a colony ship for deep space.
6283 BCE Odarite explorer J'kit'rix discovers Antimone and begins interstellar trade with the Timonae.
203 BCE The people of Akripa flee their homeworld and settle on Castor.
1652 CE Nalia, the Nall prophet, is born on Lebal.
1703 CE The Vox Nalia Church is established on Lebal.
1766 CE Odarites establish diplomatic relations with the Mekke on Is'thol'mek as well as trade relations, hailing themselves cousins once more.
1990 CE The Nall discover a nearby world, far more hospitable than Lebal, and declare it a blessing of the Goddess Nalia. They name the world Nalhom.
1995 CE The Parallax government is established, linking Lebal and Nalhom under the guidance of the first Vox, H'mrik of Hatch Vril.
1997 CE Nall scientist Katch of Hatch Than discovers phase-drive technology, which allows FTL travel for Nall starships.
1998 CE The Nall complete construction of the new Clawed Fist Fleet, the starship naval arm of the Parallax's military, the Phalanx.
2000 CE Vox H'mrikvril declares that the Goddess Nalia has spoken to him, ordering a jihad to subjugate all worlds within reach. The Nall Age of Conquest begins.
2001 CE The Nall conquer Grimlahd, but many Zangali denizens of that world escape aboard a stolen Nall barge that eventually reaches the world known to humans as Mars.
2011 CE Earth Planetary Consortium forms in the wake of global conflict, a war fought largely in cyberspace, called the Bandwidth War, with damage measured by economies collapsing due to system hacking. Simple decimal displacements helped bring down corporations, crashed stock markets and played havoc with traffic control and credit agencies. The new Consortium is essentially an international corporate cartel.
2052 CE Leaders of the Vox Nalia Church, Phalanx military and planetary governors of Nalhom, Lebal and Grimlahd establish the Order Council.
2053 CE Mankind first sets foot on Mars. Ares Station established on Martian surface by Consortium Space Agency.
2059 CE Orbital community of Helios comes crashing down from Earth orbit. Thousands killed. Sabotage suspected, but never proved.
2073 CE A killer disease called the Genetic Devolution Virus begins to spread, wreaking havoc with the genetic makeup of its victims and ultimately killing them. The Consortium invests billions of credits in research to engineer a cure.
2085 CE Embryonix Corporation announces the achievement of large-scale genetic manipulation, finding the key to switch off the GDV DNA sequence.
2089 CE The Demarians rebuke a Nall conquest attempt during the Battle of Opposing Suns - where the famed hero Altheor sacrificed his ship and his life to decimate the attacking fleet.
2090 CE Having seen mankind threatened with extinction by the GDV, government officials declare the time has come to colonize Luna and Mars, to ensure that mankind survives by spreading.
2094 CE Tranquility Habitat becomes first lunar community. Established by Embryonix, which unveils plans for a larger urban site called Lunar City.
2095 CE Groundbreaking for Lunar City.
2100 CE Lunar City opens for habitation.
2101 CE Taking knowledge gained in the wake of the GDV plague, which killed millions, Embryonix invents Specialists to serve as foot soldiers, custodians, ditch diggers and just about anything else that investors want to buy. The Specialists are created with "programmed obsolescence," burning out and dying after five years due to a radically enhanced metabolism.
2105 CE The first generation of commercially produced clones, called Specialists, leave the production facility in Lunar City for jobs on Luna and Earth.
2112 CE The Solar Consortium forms, linking the world governments of Earth and Luna.
2117 CE About 20,000 Native Americans, primarily Navajo, combine funds to purchase a generation ship to carry them to a new colony world, Quaquan.
2119 CE The Nall conquer Ydahr. The denizens known as G'ahnli flee toward Consortium space.
2137 CE Mankind establishes Eden Terraforming Complex on Mars and encounters the refugee Zangali and Grimlahdi, who settled the world fleeing the brutal Nall regime of the Parallax. The relationship gets off on terrible footing when terraformers set off explosives and inadvertently collapse the underground Zangali settlement Akril City (near present-day Nicholson CityDome), killing thousands. The Human-Zangali War begins. During the war, colony ships depart for deep space, bound for worlds such as Sivad and Youngster.
2143 CE Zangali terrorists set off tactical nuclear weapons in Washington, D.C., London, Capetown and Moscow.
2145 CE Human-Zangali War ends with signing of the Luna Accords. The accords ban terraforming of the planet Mars, but allow for the construction of citydomes as human habitats.
2152 CE Stellar Consortium forms after humans make first contact with Centaurans.
2153 CE The Consortium's Vanguard military is established.
2154 CE Ganymede colonized.
2157 CE Specialist Revolt on Luna. Genetic Engineering Limitation Treaty signed in Torricelli on Ganymede. Mass production of humans becomes illegal, Specialists achieve independence and reproductive rights. Luna becomes their homeworld. From then on, they are called Lunites.
2160 CE Sivad settled by the S.S. Margaret Thatcher, transporting Eduard Sivad and the first pioneers, all refugees from the Human-Zangali War.
2183 CE A convoy of colony ships leaves for Sivad, carrying largely Middle and Eastern European settlers. The ships have to be evacuated as a malfunction of their engines causes a feedback loop that eventually leads to an energy overload, destroying the convoy. The stranded colonists name the planet that has become their unintended new home Waldheim, for its lush forests.
2184 CE Quaquan settled.
2193 CE Youngster settled.
2194 CE A probe launched from Waldheim finds that the amount of orbital debris created by the destruction of the convoy eleven years earlier makes spacefaring essentially impossible. This news dispell any hopes of leaving the planet, and the colonists focus on maintaining the balance between their homeworld's lush beauty and the need to expand beyond the original colony sites.
2201 CE Denizens of Youngster encounter the Odarites and open trade relations.
2217 CE Qua explorers meet Youngsterians and establish trade.
2231 CE Antimone joins the Stellar Consortium.
2256 CE The Nall conquer Ist'thol'mek.
2257 CE The Nall try to conquer Youngster, but meet great resistance from the colonists. They use Coreseeker missiles to shatter the planet into lifeless chunks. The surviving colonists who managed to evacuate are left to try to rebuild among the ruins.
2259 CE Ungstir Prime habitat becomes fully operational. A mining facility opens on Ungstir Two.
2276 CE Castor joins the Stellar Consortium.
2282 CE Dr. Hans Lundquist develops the first light-speed drive for the Stellar Consortium.
2285 CE First Castori teleportal links Earth and Castor.
2324 CE Ungstiri make first contact with the Mystics.
2346 CE Demaria joins the Stellar Consortium.
2350 CE A diplomatic incident sparks the Demarian-Zangali War.
2358 CE The Nall conquer Vollista.
2360 CE The Demarian-Zangali War catches Sol System in the middle.
2364 CE The war ends with the Treaty of Torricelli.
2415 CE Phyrria joins the Stellar Consortium.
2417 CE Lord Fagin the Pirate King builds his underground fortress beneath the city of Freewheeling on Tomin Kora.
2473 CE Genetic Insurgency on Sivad. Renegades on the planet, defying the GELT Treaty, are conducting genetic manipulation on their own people in an effort to improve them. The Vanguard is sent in to put an end to it, and a military base is established planetside to ensure continued oversight.
2501 CE G'ahnlo joins the Stellar Consortium.
2576 CE Explorer Eduard Ocartus Sr. finds Sagittarius, makes contact with the Il'Ri'Kamm Hive Mind and learns of the OtherSpace Drive technology.
2590 CE The Hive Minders grant the OS Drive technology to the Consortium, with the caveat that a Minder be assigned to each ship to operate the drives.
2593 CE Fagin acquires OS Drive technology. Guilds established on Tomin Kora. Fagin's Riches is born.
2596 CE Nephthys Station opens in the Tomin Nebula.
2620 CE A Timonae sleeper agent posing as a Mystic kidnaps Eye Alhabrim of Val Shohob. A squad of Vanguard Marines rescues Alhabrim. The Timonae, Hadrian Rass, eludes capture and becomes a hero and leader of his people - only to vanish mysteriously some years later.
2636 CE Graeber Brenhault, an ex-Consortium secret agent, assassinates a Qua dignitary on Earth.

Arcs I-XVII timeline Edit

This section summarizes the first seventeen major story arcs. It is important to note that in 2651 CE, the colony ship Sanctuary entered an alternate realm called Hiverspace in which time moved at a much faster pace -- an hour in Hiverspace equated to a year in Normalspace. For clarity's sake, Sanctuary's activities in Hiverspace are highlighted in red, while the events that occurred in Normalspace during its absence are highlighted in green.

2650 CE Arc I: The Price of Expedience. It is found out that the treacherous Il'Ri'Kamm Hive Mind uses its control over OtherSpace Drives to hijack ships for use in a genocidal war against an ancient enemy, the B'hiri. The Hive Core is destroyed by a psionic bomb.
2651 CE Arc II: Walls Fall Down. Val Shohob is apparently destroyed when its star goes nova, a result of an OS Drive malfunction aboard a Vanguard scout ship. Several ships are hurtled across the galaxy into the territory of the warmongering Kretonians. Escaping, the ships trigger the nova of Kreton's star. The Bright Horizons cloning scandal on Sivad rocks the Consortium, exposing corruption at the highest levels and leading to the suicide of conspirator and Consortium President, Eduard Ocartus II.
2651 CE Arc III: Pandora's Lament. Grimlahd, Ist'thol'Mek and Vollista revolt against the Nall and win independence: the Nall Age of Conquest ends, having lasted for more than 600 years. Laurence Montevedo seizes power on Sivad, kills thousands, but his reign of terror ends with a sniper's bullet. The Kamir summon a group to Sagittarius so that the exiled ancients can apologize for unleashing the Ri'Kammi Hive Minders on the universe.
2651 CE Arc IV: From the Ashes of the Phoenix. The Vanguard carrier Versailles makes a deep space exploration voyage and discovers a frozen world called M'mralu, whose now-perished inhabitants are discovered to have been involved in a power struggle against the Hivers for influence over the corporeal humans on Earth in the 20th Century. One last surviving Hiver is found beneath the radioactive ruins of Washington, D.C., and is killed by a Kamir who has temporarily possessed a human.
2651 CE Arc V: Into the Silent Land. The Kretonians, furious at the destruction of their world (a result of actions of the players during Arc II), acquire OS technology and launch a full assault on the known galaxy. Refugees from all the territories flee aboard the colony vessel Sanctuary (comissioned by Oswald Cottington) while the Vanguard fights a delaying action against the Kretonians. An OS Drive malfunction causes the Sanctuary to end up in an alien universe called Hiverspace.
Hiverspace Arc VI: Sanctuary. During this time period, the Sanctuary colony vessel travels through the old stomping grounds of the Il'Ri'Kamm Hive Mind. Each passing day, it is learned, equates to a passing year back home in normalspace. As she proceeds on her adventures, Sanctuary experiences the coalition of races living aboard her - and a threat to that peace in the form of Duke Buchanan and his intolerant Society for Human Integrity and Purity. She encounters a variety of aliens, including the malevolent Thul, the conflicted Hekayti, the tiny Nemoni, and the peaceful Muscipulans. This arc concludes with a risky attempt to flip back into normalspace, which failed and landed them temporarily in an area now referred to as The Realm of the Dead, where seeming ghosts walked among Sanctuary's inhabitants.
Hiverspace Arc VII: Uncertain Voyage. Sanctuary's voyage through Hiverspace continues, and it is discovered that Lord Fagin and his henchman, Dimitri Volstov, are alive and well and dwelling within the superstructure of the colony vessel, continuing to plot and scheme against old enemies. Volstov, it turns out, has developed a new form of the Legion Virus. Only quick work by two skilled doctors saves the day with a cure. Sanctuary's denizens seek out the elusive Comorro Station, eventually find it, and then track down the Thul to strike a deal that will allow the colony vessel to return to Normalspace.
2651 CE


2806 CE

Kretonian Age: The Kretonians establish Ungstir Prime as their new homeworld and embark on a brutal regime of conquest and enslavement, crushing everyone from the Nall to the Demarians to the Humans. Mekke are all but exterminated. Mystics are hunted down like animals by Centauran captives, and only survive as a species thanks to the generosity of the Qua. Mankind reinstates the practice of cloning humans to fight a war against the Kretonians, sparking the collapse of the Stellar Consortium - reformed as the Solar Consortium, consisting of Earth and Mars, while Luna secedes and becomes the Free Luna Protectorate. In 2806, the Nall rise up against their Kretonian oppressors and, with help from Otherians and a few Zangali and Grimlahdi, launch a genocidal war of their own - and are not satisfied until the Kretonians are no more. The final showdown is at New Kreton - formerly Ungstir Prime - which the Nall obliterate, along with Ungstir Three. Then, the Nall go back to their homeworld and begin a policy of indifference to outside affairs, focusing instead on internal matters. The Boromov family begins to gain influence, helping establish a new habitat in the mining colony of Ungstir Two.
2810 CE King Franklin I ascends the Throne of Sivad after a four-year civil war, combining the rebuilding efforts under the Seahorse banner.
2813 CE The Solar Consortium strikes an alliance with the Ri'Kammi to achieve faster than light travel again, and establishes the Guardian Fleet to defend its holdings.
2820 CE The once peaceful Centaurans declare their territory off limits to all outsiders and establish massive arrays of weaponry around their homeworld to make the point.
2825 CE The Solar Consortium contracts with the Castori, who have made a breakthrough with teleportal technology, allowing them to instantaneously transport pedestrians of any species from one world to another.
2837 CE Franklin I establishes the Sivadian Royal Navy, predecessor of the Homeland Naval Service and the Royal Naval Service.
2845 CE An exploratory mission to Sagittarius brings back Ri'Kammi tendrils that infect key Centauran officials and manipulate them into building the Mindshard Fleet.
2847 CE The nearly eradicated Order of Mystics officially re-opens its guild, after almost two centuries since the destruction of Val Shohob. The new guild is hidden in the caves of Quaquan, where they live in peaceful coexistence with the Qua.
2850 CE The villages of New Pansheera and Altheor's Hope are established in the Stubtooth Mountains of Demaria, which are shared by the felinoid quadraped packs of the Theorians, as well as some humans and Odarites, all former mining slaves of the Kretonians.
2852 CE The Council of Equals is formed on Sivad as a panel of advisors to the Crown.
2859 CE A catastrophic collapse of a wormhole near Vollista causes the world of the Light Singers to be encompassed in a sort of crimson aura, with electromagnetic interference that renders most high-tech gadgets useless.
2948 CE Waldheim sees a resurgence of interest in spaceflight. A large-scale project is called into being to rid the planet of the space debris hindering it from returning to the stars.
2978 CE Queen Paulette II of Sivad abdicates the crown after a planetary referendum, leaving executive power with the First Councillor. This marks the end of the Sivadian monarchy. The House of Isherwood seems to be relegated to the history books.
3000 CE Arc VIII: No Place Like Home. Sanctuary returns to find a universe much different than it left behind. The Solar Consortium and the Free Luna Protectorate are still at odds. Many independent worlds keep to themselves. The Centaurans are militant isolationists. The Nall on the other hand just want to leave everyone else alone, and be left alone. The Boromov crime family holds much influence on Ungstir and elsewhere in the free territories. The Mekke are practically extinct. The Light Singers, by and large, dwell inside the caves of Vollista. The Castori are getting rich providing teleportals to new worlds, colonies and space stations. And the Il'Ri'Kamm Hive Mind abides on Sagittarius once more, a world surrounded by blistering weaponry that most likely could destroy any intruder. During this arc, the Demarians from Sanctuary begin the process of rebuilding on their homeworld. The Solar Consortium fragments under the strain of internal conflicts, with Mars breaking away to form a new republic. The Mindshard fleet from the Centauran Stronghold, under the influence of the revitalized Ri'Kammi, embarks on a journey to destroy Sanctuary, but is defeated near Demaria by a coalition fleet that includes Nall warships.
3000 CE Arc IX: Unraveled Dreams and Forgotten Obligations. Mysterious dimensional rifts begin - first with subspace transmissions overheard, but growing more substantial over time, until a seemingly war-like Castori vessel bombs a city on Sivad from orbit, with thousands of casualties. The attacking vessel, it is determined, came from an alternate universe, but its effects are no less real. The rifts are linked to an anomaly near Jupiter, the site of an inter-universal crossing by a Falari vessel from Hiverspace. If left unchecked, it is learned, the rifts will continue until all existing universes are wiped out. The reborn Il'Ri'Kamm Hive Mind, transdimensional entity that it is, is called upon to help heal the rift, with the aid of the Maltarians. Meanwhile, after a brief peace in the Solar Consortium, terrorists in the Keep Earth Pure movement detonated more than a dozen plasma bombs on Earth's surface. The Consortium is left in ruins, and Earth will be unreachable for at least two years.
3001 CE Arc X: Eyes in the Shadows. Gustav Eiger, the madman behind the bombing of Earth in the year 3000, is on the loose. Boss Cabrerra established the domed city of Shadowheart on Tomin Kora, hiring Colin Neidermeyer as a right-hand man. The Martian Legions go hunting for a solution to the built-in demise of Specialists. And the Nall, once content to mind their own business, become enraged by the aggression of Ungstir's Lord Boromov. In the end, beneath the desert sands on Demaria, hundreds of cryogenically frozen warriors are found.
3001 CE Arc X.5: Dark Alliance. Gustav Eiger, destroyer of Earth and Specialist serial killer, has died. The Nall have relinquished their hold on Ungstir. Beneath the Sand Mother Desert, a Demarian expedition has discovered the cryogenically frozen warriors left to fight an enemy now long dead. Now, the fallen Boromov family begins its struggle to rebuild with the help of the upstart Cabrerra organization.
3001 CE Arc XI: Rage of the Furies. The Lem'ing, last encountered by players during the fourth story arc, begin their assault on the known worlds. La Terre is obliterated by its sovereign, Bartholomew Ritter. The Vanguard Exploration Service is formed. And, on Ungstir, a citizen's committee begins the process of rebuilding what was ravaged by the Nall.
3001 CE Arc XI.5: Storm Warning. The Lem'ing have been turned back after inflicting their wrath on many of the known worlds, concluding their effort with a hard-fought conflict at Nalhom that left the Parallax homeworld struggling to rebuild its mighty fleet. But other challenges remain and tensions continue to rise. And the Mystics gathering on distant Val Shohob speak of a coming fight between powerful enemies - and all corporeal life will be caught in the middle.
3002 CE Arc XII: The Marionette's Last Dance. Tensions remain high between the Martians and the Nall since the theft of technology from Nalhom was discovered to have involved a prominent member of the Martian Legions, bringing the known worlds once more to the brink of an interstellar conflict. As predicted by the Mystics, the Kamir and Hivers engages in an epic war that threatens to destroy the universe. With the help of the Vanguard, the two races fight to extinction, ending the OtherSpace Drive legacy.</td>


3002 CE Arc XII.5: Ascendancy. The Kamir and their creations, the Il'Ri'Kamm Hive Mind, have perished on Nocturn - leaving the galaxy without functioning OtherSpace Drives and creating a transport crisis. The VES Minerva, lost since the Battle of Nocturn, finds itself at a Nexus of universes, and must make ready for her odyssey home. Intrigues on Shinara Station, Luna and Demaria continue in spite of the drastic changes.
3002 CE Arc XIII: Song for the Lost. Eye Balthazar of the Mystics has died, and his people find themselves struggling for a sense of purpose in the aftermath of the Hiver and Kamir eradication. Oswald Cottington IV begins an ambitious project to move Concordance Station - formerly Sanctuary - to a new location. The influence of Boss Cabrerra grows. The VES Minerva explores alien universes in search of a gateway that can lead them back home, discovering the alternate universes created by the Kamir. Cross, Staunton, and Vasya are kidnapped by a bitter Lord Fagin, who buys his way into realspace.
3002 CE Arc XIV: The Moebius Effect. The Centaurans invent a time-twisting Moebius Device, which falls into the wrong hands and leads to the Moebius Effect, beginning with Earth and ultimately spreads as far as Mars before it can be stopped. An alternate Earth, where Colin Neidermeyer rules first as president and then as king, materialized. When Neidermeyer imprisons aliens in work camps and threatens to attack Luna and other worlds, the Nall invade. Neidermeyer flees. The OtherSpace Ring network explodes, stranding the Nall Vox Ulka of Hatch Kithar in the Sol system. A new Vox, Ock of Hatch Vril, is named on Nalhom. Civil war erupts among the Nall. And then come the Kretonians, again, to take advantage of the conflict. In the end, the Kretonians and Nall fight to a draw, and local rebels drive them off. Neidermeyer sets off plasma bombs all over the new Earth, repeating history in the name of pride.
3003 CE Arc XV: The Gate of Breath. Oswald Cottington, builder of Sanctuary, survives an assassination attempt and a stroke. He decides to capitalize on Nocturn's proximity to the multiverse nexus. Fitting the colony vessel with a new Spindrive, he turns Sanctuary around and embarks on his final journey. Upon arriving at Nocturn, however, the colony vessel is swarmed by warships of the Nall Clawed Fist Fleet. Cottington surrenders to Vox Ock of Hatch Vril, but is shot and killed while attacking a traitorous Light Singer interogator named Volari, who becomes Sanctuary's new overseer. The Nall becomes aggressive again and conquer Grimlahd, Vollista, and Val Shohob. Ex-Vox Ulka, who took refuge on Sanctuary, eventually challenges her Counter-Vox, and wins the fight to the death against Ockvril. The Nall retract their influence and return to their reclusive selves, but not before destroying Sanctuary with a plasma bomb.
3003 CE Arc XVI: The Fountain of Wisdom.
3003 CE Arc XVII: Contagion.

New Journeys timeline Edit

In 2004, after a short break from major arcs, Otherspace resumed its ongoing story. These adventures are known as Otherspace: New Journeys.

3004 CE Arc I: The Ruled Sun. The UKT Athena, accompanied by Stephen Sixmoon, searches for the lost Kamir world of Palisade. A trade alliance is formed between the Solar Republic and the Parallax. G'ahnli are linked to the assassination of two Odarite queens, causing civil war between two Odarite Merchants Guild factions; it ends with the rise of two new queens. Hostilities begin on Grimlahd between Zangali suicide bombers and Grimlahdi who have conceded to Nall occupation. A bizarre octopus-like creature in Regreb Bay on Sivad kills a holovid producer and several SHIELD officers. A Lunite rebellion is crushed by the Vanguard. A polydenum extraction facility on T'lask VII is liberated.
3004 CE Arc II: A Reckoning of Prophets. The interstellar communications network crashes, temporarily disabling commlinks and PDAs. A trio of Nall starships materialize near Demaria and offer a reward for the ashes of the goddess Nalia. An inquiry regarding the urn's whereabouts causes the Overmind to malfunction and create PRTR-001, an amalgamation of data on former Minerva captain David Ransom Porter. Saboteurs track the urn to the Above Nature genetic laboratory on Tomin Sirocco and infiltrate the facility, escaping with an infant Nalia clone which they turn over to the Nall.
3005 CE

Headline News - January 2005

Headline News - February 2005

Headline News - March 2005

Arc III: Birthright. The Nall, Nalia returned to them, finally began to expand their Imperialist policy, on the back of their cloned army and fierce navy. The Clawed Fist Fleet gathered around La Terre, but turned out to be nothing but bait, as Sivad dispatched the Indefatigable to assist the small colony world only to have the Nall fleet disengage and jump to Sivad, attempting to drive a knife into OATO's heart. The LTDF's Peacemaker and the RNS' most famous ship returned in time to fight off the Nall invasion, with the unexpected but much needed assistance of the Silent Claw Fleet, the cloaked squadron of battle cruisers owned by the Demarian government, seperate from it's Militia. This event led to another brash assault by the Nall, this time at Demaria, likewise beaten back. Soon after, Indepedent and OATO worlds alike began to fall. Odari, Quaquan, Antimone, G'ahnlo, and even Mars itself, as the Nall unbear their massive floating battleships, ripping a hole in the Sol System front, sending the Vanguards in full route, effectively closing the Sol theatre in the war. The Parallax's control was short lived, OATO forces breaking the Nall's hold on Mars, forcing them back, returning the original government. A risky, desperate plan is formed, a direct assault on Nalhom, a risk that turned out to be successful, as the Parralax's assault of the known galaxy came to an end under the collected might of all those struggled against them.
3005 CE Arc IV: Penumbra.

A travelling carny ship, a massive Leviathan vessel named the Orphic and owned by Ian Penumbra, is announced with the promise of delighting the universes with strange sights and entertainment after the Parallax-OATO conflict. Soon, Volari, an infamous Vollistan terrorist, unleashed a new strain of the old TRV virus on Waldheim. Demaria was next, the panic of the virus setting the planet into an uproar, mobs temporarily wrestling control from the government as the people rebelled against their leaders and the offsiders after a disastrous evacuation attempt. The PHS, GMF Athena, and John Lind in their effort to discover a cure as more planets are hit with the virus. An agreement is struck with the Overmind, the PHS allowing a planet to become infected to grab an unmutated version of the virus for a cure. With cure in hand, the Athena raced back to Demaria, betrayed from within, a bomb planted by former Quartermaster almost ending the struggle there. Nontheless, with a little luck, they make it to Demaria and began the process of dispersing the cure, all the other planets following in short order. The Overmind announces a new martial arm of it's own, the Decimator Fleet, using it's newfound resources to track Volari and eliminate the threat. It turned out to be unnecessary, as the Vollistan came to it, attempting to destroy the Phyrrian homeland with a coreseeker carried within the Strategic Retreat. Before the small vessel could escape, it was shot down by the UKT Wolfbane and the AES' vessel, effectively ending Volari's threat for now, if not his life.

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