The Thul Resequencing Virus is a bioagent which, as the name would imply, resequences other races to turn them into the sluglike Thul. There have been three major occurances of the virus. Unlike the Nexus Plague, the virus produced symptoms more quickly and was more containable. Its capacity for causing terror and disruption on a planetary scale, however, may have been what attracted Volari to it.


Thul Resquencing VirusEdit

The virus was originally developed by the Thul to enable them to reproduce, after previous attempts using human pituitary extracts had failed. The Kamir claimed the virus was based on a human bioweapon.

Second Thul Resequencing VirusEdit

Volari used the virus as a bioweapon of terrorism by disguising it in vaccinations used on Luna. Vaccinations for the previous strain were ineffective.

Advanced Thul Resequencing VirusEdit

Volari used the virus as a bioweapon of terrorism, hitting Waldheim, Sivad, Demaria, and Ungstir. Vaccinations for the previous strains were ineffective. The major difference symptomatic difference between this strain and previous ones was that it was contagious during the process of transformation.

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