The Warren is, as described by its owner, a center for unique sources of entertainment. As described by others (perhaps more accurately), it is a hotbed of illegal activity, including arms trading, buying and selling stolen goods, and blood sports.

IC Information Edit

Built in Shadowheart, Tomin Kora within the ruins of a skyscraper that partially collapsed during the RNS attack in late 3003, the Warren was commissioned and financed by Giuseppe Marcuccilli, a Sivadian shipping magnate accused, and then cleared of, criminal charges in a widely publicized scandal on Sivad in 3001. The Warren has, since it was completed in mid-3004, served as an outpost of underworld civilization--such as it is--on Tomin Kora. Among the underworld, the Warren and Marcuccilli are known as dependable contacts for finding nearly anything, up to and including illegal starship upgrades.

The aforementioned blood sports take three forms: one, a standard arena (with death matches); two, the Labyrinth, a massive maze filled with various traps and pitfalls; and three, courts for Shockball--a game unique to the Warren.

In July 3005, the Warren purchased a vroomhopper, the IND Shade of Gray, and entered it into the IVRL.

As of May 3006, ownership of the Warren was transferred from Warren Entertainment LLC to Glorubl Holding Corporation, a G'ahnlo-based business whose other holdings include Destiny Resorts, a company which owns two small vacation complexes on Sivad and is currently building a large luxury resort on New Luna, several small vineyards, and Glorubl Construction Incorporated, a building-construction company whose customers include Ulbahno Subcity.

OOC Information Edit

Marcuccilli is a registered merchant in the +trade system, as well as a fence for stolen goods.

The Warren is currently looking to fill some positions. Talk to Marcuccilli to see if your concept will fit in.

  • IC Contact: @mail Marcuccilli with 'IC' in the subject line.
  • OOC Contact: @mail or page Marcuccilli or Warren.

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