Name: The Inquisition II


Telnet Address: 5050

The Inquisition is a free on-line MUD (multi-user dimension) dedicated solely to roleplay. The theme is 100% original, allowing for immersion in a unique setting, and even the programming is entirely oriented around the game's roleplay. This is a place designed and built for the serious roleplayer looking for an in-depth gaming experience.

Warning: Only role-play oriented players are likely to enjoy The Inquisition. There are no rewards for any other method of play. TI2: Theme

Centuries ago, mages and men worked together throughout the realms. The Seven, those most powerful mages of the era, guided others, both man and mage alike, as needed.

But in Sun Calendar 109, King Dav ab Harmon of Lithmore disregarded the advice of the Seven. To warn him, or scare him perhaps, into acceding to their wishes, the Royal Apartments were immolated in fire. Either accidentally or intentionally, the Royal Family was slain that day, for all but King Dav himself were there.

Grief-stricken, Dav ran to the mountains, leaving all that was civilized behind. He was gone for over two months, and his seneschal oversaw the Royal Funerals and daily matters of the land. Finally, Authryn ab Sidharr, the Seneschal, convened a Royal Council to determine the succession.

King Dav returned during the time the Council was meeting, bedraggled and somewhat emaciated but very much alive. And very much insane with grief and rage, towards those who had killed his family.

The returned King pronounced to his Council that no longer would users of magic be suffered in his land. He ordered a bounty for all known mages, and called for their deaths. His advisors warned him that the mages would simply flee to the nearby rulers, and perhaps retaliate against him for his actions.

And so it was that King Dav began the Consolidation, by taking through force of arms all Kingdoms which bordered his, and putting to death any he caught who used magic.

It is now some two-hundred years after the end of the Consolidation. Mages are feared, and the Order is empowered to determine if one is a user of magic or not. The Seven are scattered and, perhaps, destroyed. Join the land of Urth, and watch history unfold.