Drinking tea is something of a tradition on Sivad. Some of this tea comes from plants imported from Earth; other teas are based on native Sivadian plants or are Sivadian/Earth blends.

Earl GreyEdit

Still the classic tea, even on Sivad. Earl Grey is a blend of fine teas with a faint touch of bergamot, a Mediteranean citrus fruit now grown on Sivad. It is consumed clear or with a little milk but never with lemon. Earl Grey tea may be consumed at any time of day.

Blue PekoeEdit

The flavour of Blue Pekoe is similar to Orange Pekoe, but this tea has an unusual, blue colouring produced by the Retep Sivadian tea plant. Blue Pekoe is usually served with either milk or lemon, but rarely clear, and may also be consumed at any time of day.

Sivadian BreakfastEdit

A very full-bodied tea that is usually consumed clear at breakfast to help wake up.


A delicate tea with a very distinct flavouring produced in northern Ynos. Endeeling is usually an afternoon tea and is served clear or with milk.

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