The Stellar Consortium was initially the largest player-based organization on Otherspace, and was one of the three main regions in the game during the first six story arcs, the other two being the Fringe and the Parallax.

The Stellar Consortium (not to be confused with its successor, the Solar Consortium), was an alliance of worlds that included Earth, Luna, Mars, Castor, Sivad, G'ahnlo, Phyrria, Demaria, Antimone and Centauri. Its headquarters were on Earth, and it was patrolled and defended by the Vanguard. The Consortium was led by a ruling council headed by an elected President.

The Stellar Consortium went through a series of upheavals during Otherspace's first few story arcs, including the Bright Horizons cloning scandal, the brief secession of Sivad under Laurence Montevedo, and a political upheaval on Demaria that led to the overthrow of the local government there.

The Stellar Constortium was overwhelmed by the Kretonian invasion in 2651, and its major worlds were occupied. In the early 2800s, humans on Earth and Mars began mass-producing specialist clone soldiers in violation of GELT to fight off the Kretonians. In the wake of the Kretonian defeat by the Nall in 2806, the other Consortium worlds refused to rejoin the xenophobic humans on Mars and Earth in a renewed Stellar Consortium, and these two planets joined together to form the Solar Consortium. Luna, whose people, the Lunites, were descended from the first wave of specialist clones produced on Earth hundreds of years before, also refused to rejoin this new Consortium, and founded the Free Luna Protectorate. A cold war between the Solar Consortium and the Protectorate existed for nearly 200 years.

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