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Official ad for Stargate: Atlantis MUSH. Nights veil had sunken yet again on the young world and the stars faded away in the onyx sky as dark storm clouds arose on the oceans horizon. The water was yet calm, but a cold breeze brought a blush on her cheeks. Gravely, she received his thoughts, but as he left she knew it was inevitable. And so the city rose. High above the world and high above the clouds, vanishing into universes ether.

Atlantis. A name that brings up many question and quickens imagination. Much has there been written and much has been said. Uncountable songs sung about the city that was buried by the ocean; but, several million years later, we know the truth. It was the city of the ancients that rose instead of drowned.

Yet, this secret was concealed for so long. It had to take the courage of four humans to discover the truth. It nearly took their lives. But they survived and protected whole humankind against a powerful enemy. No doubt, the SG-1 team will never be forgotten.

Opening Earths horizon by traveling through a gate that opens ways between stars, they have fought many enemies, but now that they have discovered Atlantis an even greater enemy awaits and threatens mankind. The Wraiths.

Stargate: Atlantis MUSH opened its doors to players on July 1st, to share in the countdown of the last 15 days until Season 2 of this highly acclaimed Science Fiction TV series bagan airing on July 15th. Feature Characters and Original Characters alike are welcomed to join us as we continue the story alongside the show. Get connected and make your bid for your favourite Feature Character from the show, or custom tailor your own original character in our Tri-Stat dX based Chargen system and prepare to take on the dangers of the Pegasus galaxy

This MUD appeared to be INACTIVE at last check.