Owners Zenn and Keirath
Hosted by
Date Created Febuary 2007
MUD Genre Star Wars
Codebase SWR1.0
Rating PG-13

Star Wars: Galactic Conquest is a MUD Based in the Star Wars Universe.

Timeline Edit

SW:GC has one of the most unique star-wars timelines in existence.

The Empire in all it’s glory has been long obliterated, with the exception of rumored areas still under their control in the Outer Regions. None of these remaining factions are considered a threat to the Galaxy.

The New Republic is in a state of galactic peace.

Out of nowhere, chaos.

The Coruscant Sun, ever a bright light in sector Zero, has gone supernova, leaving the system nothing but a mass of debris, fields spread out over a huge area. Trillions die in the blast, but all is not lost: the asteroids and chunks of rock created by the explosion are discovered to be rich in materials. Miners, colonists, and the riffraff of the galaxy flock to the region, infested with dense nebula and asteroid fields. Pirates construct bases inside hollowed-out asteroids deep inside the nebulas, preying on the innocent shipping in the newly formed trade lanes. Miners carve large amounts of expensive metals and fuel of the rocks. Colonists, and those wishing a challenge, begin to attempt to terra-form large asteroids.

The Republic, in a bid to maintain the peace it has kept the Galaxy in over the years since the fall of the Empire, relocate their headquarters to Metellos. As loose bands of pirates begin to form into more dangerous factions, the Republic feels the imminent threat breathing down their necks, and start to clamp down on the pirates. This only causes more piracy and larger rogue factions to erupt, bringing about immense problems for the Republic in the region — which Metellos, the Republic’s base, lies just outside.

Will the Imperials take advantage of this new turmoil in those they once called Rebels, and attempt to wrest control of the Galaxy, or will these new rogue groups evolve into something larger, and much more dangerous?

And .. what was the real cause of the Coruscant Supernova?

Staff Edit

Owners - Zenn and Keirath
Co-Owners Crunch, Leoninus
Coding - Keirath, Solao
Head Builders Revan, Ludwig, Ezaco
Ship Builders Domovoi
Builders Galin
Apprentices Scoot, Demetrios
Galactic Conquest is looking for more builders

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Connect to: port 6000

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