The creation of a Specialist is a long and arduous process.

First, the geneticist must design the Specialist. This often requires months, if not years of searching for a genetic blueprint that is a good match for the job this Specialist will be designed to do, and sampling of thousands of people's DNA. For example, a tendency towards broad shoulders and a strong back would be good qualities for a ditch digger. Specialist companies often spend billions of credits amassing a database of high-quality genetic blueprints.

Second, the blueprints are genetically tweaked. All undesirable traits are removed, and the desirable traits are enhanced through intense genetic manipulation. Reproductive ability is switched off. The so-called 'Specialist matrix' is added into the genome, allowing for quick maturation of the embryo into adulthood.

Third, the test cases are grown in cloning vats. This can take several years, testing to see if there were any problems with the genetic mix.

Fourth, production begins, and thousands of new ditchdigger Specialists are grown in cloning vats, reaching maturity in four months to a year. This quick-growing process enhances the Specialist's metabolism for the rest of its life, limiting its lifespan to only five years.

Fifth, a killswitch is inserted in the body of the Specialist to allow for an easy way to deactivate malfunctioning units.

Sixth, the Specialists are branded and given a barcode somewhere on their person (usually the back of the neck) that shows the Specialist's base stock, lot number, modifications, and individual product number.

Seventh, the Specialists are given extensive training and brainwashing in servility and their designated task. This task is usually very limited in scope, and the Specialist will have very little ability to 'work outside the box'. Compulsion is trained into a majority of Specialists, such that they feel nervous or anxious when not doing their designated job. The depth and complexity of training often makes for the greatest difference in cost between one kind of Specialist and another.

Eighth, the Specialists are sold to the public.

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