The first Solar Consortium lasted from 2112 to 2152 CE as Earth added Luna, then Mars to its holdings. It was replaced by the Stellar Consortium in 2152 after a treaty with the Centaurans.

The second and better known Solar Consortium, which came together in the wake of the end of Kretonian rule of the known worlds in 2806, consisted primarily of Earth and Mars, with Luna forming the Free Luna Protectorate in protest of Earth's violation of the GELT treaty. The government was largely xenophobic and isolationist in attitude until the return of Sanctuary in the year 3000. It was locked in a cold war with the Free Luna Protectorate for almost 200 years, neither gaining much ground in the conflict. There were some skirmishes and a few botched invasion attempts of Luna by the Consortium (most notably the Sea of Tranquility incident, which was an abortive landing of Guardian Fleet troops), but mainly this war remained on the small scale due to the large Gunstar systems set up around each planet.

The desire of some elements of the government to open trade with aliens and efforts to suppress Martian independence led to two major blows to the Consortium's continued existence.

Christoff Vandervere, a leader from Mars who served on the Consortium Council, was urged by Colin Neidermeyer to break from the Consortium. This sparked a brief conflict between Earth and Mars, but ultimately ended with an agreement that Mars would remain independent and form the Martian Republic.

Gustav Eiger, leader of the Keep Earth Pure movement, set off sixteen plasma bombs on Earth as a pre-emptive strike against alien infestation of his homeworld.

After the Moebius Effect, the Martian Republic was left in shambles with its homeworld and most of its population gone. King Colin Neidermeyer, an alt-universe reincarnation form of the man, and also the leader of the alt-Earth based Guardian Fleet was able to secure devices which would reverse the Moebius Effect and bring back Mars, provided the Republic swear allegiance to him. The politicians decided to do this and the Solar Consortium was once again born in 3003. In 3004, after the death of Neidermeyer in the Sol-Sivad War, the Consortium was dissolved and formed into the Solar Republic. However, former Terran elements (especially those in the Loyalist Eagles of Zion, a nationalist group of Guardian Fleeters) would keep their grip on the new Republic until the end of the Birthright War in 3005.

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