The Social Democratic Party of Sivad (SDP) is a politically liberal, socially democratic party which fights against the undemocratic powers of the Monarchy, Church, and large corporations. They value self-determination, for Sivadian and Specialist alike, and seek to minimize government interference in private life.


Specialists: The Social-Democrats believe in increased equality and autonomy for specialists. The more leftist members of the party even advocate complete specialist emancipation. The party supports measures permitting specialists to be manumitted.

Government: The SDP believes in completely democratic government, and is, since the restoration of the monarchy, the most republican of the three parties.

Economy: The Party believes that private enterprise should be strongly regulated to ensure fair trade and competition, and to protect small business, consumers, and employees. They strongly oppose the concentration of trade power in a small number of megacorporations, and pursue a vigorous policy of anti-trust legislation.

Social Welfare: The Social-Democrats are a socialist party, and as such believe in the maintenance of the welfare state. The support a compulsory old age pension scheme, as well as a comprehensive social security benefits plan to alleviate the effects of poverty and unemployment. The current Sivadian National Health Service was originally a SDP creation. They are staunch advocates of "cradle to grave" social welfare.

Taxation: To pay for the large number of social programmes, as well as government funded education, health care, and child care, higher taxation, especially of those with the largest incomes, is required.

Foreign Affairs: The SDP supports a foreign affairs policy of interstellar solidarity. They oppose undemocratic and oppressive policies of imperialism and colonialism.

Environment: Social-Democrats generally support policies protective of the environment.

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