Your King Wants YouEdit

Pasted in a window, a poster stands out with a regal looking portrait of King Richard pointing directly at anyone reading it. Bold lettering above the image, in blue type, declares "Your King Wants You!". Toward the bottom it reads, "To Serve In His Navy!". On the door to the establishment, it reads "RNS Recruiter."

Current positions availableEdit

HMS IndefatigableEdit

Line OfficersEdit

  • Second Lieutenant
  • Fifth Lieutenant
  • Seventh Lieutenant
  • Eighth Lieutenant

Civilian OfficersEdit

  • Ship's Master
  • Ship's Gunner
  • Boatswain

Marine DetachmentEdit

  • Marine Officers

Race: Any humanoid, but not Specialist.

Positions Available: 2

RNAS Squadron 807Edit

Aerospace OfficerEdit

These officers fill the ranks of the 807th RNAS fighter wing and are primarily the pilots of the fighters, while there are a few who perform administrative duties. Pilots typically go through a 4 year programme at the Royal Naval Academy alongside the Line Officers, but are given training in fighter operation rather than capital ship operation. A few officers are also responsible for other small craft such as launchcraft.

Race: Any humanoid, but not Specialist.

Positions Available: Currently just one until someone qualified to be a Flight Lieutenant comes around to open up another five slots.

Ranks: Pilot Officer, Flying Officer, Flight Lieutenant, Squadron Leader

Sheet Help:

  • Required: Good Dogfighting, Good Piloting, (at least) Fair Energy Pistol, Fair Survival Training, Fair Computer Operation, Fair Leadership
  • Admirable: Swordsmanship, Engineering, First Aid, Navigation
  • Optional: Astronomy, Law, Geography, Logistics

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