Location Fourth planet in the Ikeopo System
Coordinates X: -3947288
Y: -2224713
Z: -6689298
Satellites One (Morrigan)
Climate Moderate to tropical.
Terrain 89% ocean
Population 60,213,100 Sivadians
109,176,100 Specialists
3,923,000 other
Government and Economy
Government Constitutional monarchy (see Government of Sivad)
Currency yojj-sterling
Gross World Product (GWP) 10.5 trillion yojj-sterling
(42 trillion credits)

Sivad is a terrestrial planet in the Ikeopo System. It is the homeworld of the Kingdom of Sivad. Some of its cities are Ynos, Aniger-on-Nova, and the capital, Enaj.

Data Edit


Total area: 513.571 million sq km
Land area: 55.261 million sq km
Water area: 458.310 million sq km
Note: 89.24% of the world is water, 10.8% is land
Two large areas of polar climates are separated by two rather narrow temperate zones from a wide equatorial band of tropical to subtropical climates.
Highest elevation is Mt. Adnill at 9,827 m and lowest land depression is Lake Retrep at –211 m below sea level. The greatest ocean depth is the Great Naeco Trench at 13,928 m in the Naeco Ocean.
Land use
Arable land: 20% (11.052 million sq km)
Permanent crops: 2% (1.105 million sq km)
Meadows and pastures: 26% (14.368 sq km)
Forests and woodlands: 32% (17.684 sq km)
Other: 20% (11.052 million sq km)



An alternate view of Sivad from space.

63,890,100 (Aug. 1, 3001, est. from Home Office estimates)
Growth rate
1.6% (3000 est.)
Birth rate
16 births/1,000 population (3000 est.)
Death rate
7 deaths/1,000 population (3000 est.)
Sex ratio (at birth)
1.05 male(s)/female (3000 est.)
Infant mortality rate
1.2 deaths/1,000 live births (3000 est.)
Life expectancy at birth
Total population: 107 years
Male: 104 years
Female: 110 years (3000 est.)
Total fertility rate
1.8 children born/woman (3000 est.)
Age 15 and over can read and write (3000 est., Ministry of Education)
Combined: 99.723%
Male: 99.6%
Female: 99.89%.

Government and EconomyEdit

Political divisions
6 Provinces, 25 Electoral Ridings. Large areas of land are held in semi-independent steadholdings by major landowners, and other large areas are uninhabited and held in trust by the government.
The GWP rose to 5% in 2999 from 3.5% in 2998, and continues to rise in 3002 despite serious recession caused by the collapse of the Yojj.
GWP (gross world product/purchasing power parity): 10.5 trillion Yojj-Sterling (Cr. 42 Trillion) (2999 est.)
Real growth rate: 5% (2999 est.)
Per capita: 164,344 Yojj-Sterling (2999 est.)
Inflation rate (consumer price index)
1.72% (2999 est.)
Unemployment rate
1.27% combined unemployment and underemployment. (2999 est.)
¥$2.6 trillion (f.o.b., 2999 est.)
¥$1.23 trillion (c.i.f., 2999 est.)
External debt
Military expenditures
Roughly 1% of GWP (2999 est.)

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