Shockball is a rather brutal sport invented by the Warren's founder, Giuseppe Marcuccilli. The equipment used is much like that of lacrosse--each player gets a piece of equipment similar to a lacrosse wicket, and a ball is set in the middle of the court. The ball delivers an electric charge to anything it hits, not including the wickets, depending on the speed that it impacts. The charge, when the ball is thrown by a decent player, is powerful enough to knock an average human male out for around ten minutes. Softer throws generally do not cause anything more than a good deal of pain, while very hard throws, if delivered to the head or upper torso, will put a player out for several hours at least, and at most kill them.

In early 3006, the Warren's shockball courts closed for renovations.


  1. The game starts with the shockball placed on a raised obstacle in the center of the court. The teams start at opposing ends of the court.
  2. The first team to have all of its members simultaneously unconscious is declared the losing team.
  3. Points are assigned thus:
    1. One (1) point for every one (1) minute's possession of the shockball.
    2. Ten (10) points for every player on the opposing team rendered unconscious by the shockball for more than one (1) minute. Players may, however, be rendered unconscious by any means necessary and be considered 'out' for the purposes of rule 2. Note that it is possible, with these rules, for the lower-scoring team to win.
  4. Should the shockball be moved out of the area of play, defined as the area bounded by a line drawn five feet inwards from the court's walls, the shockball will be placed at the center of the court and the teams at opposing ends.
  5. After making a throw at a member of the opposing team, the shockball may not be recovered by the most recent person to posess it.
  6. The shockball may not be handled by any means besides the wicket.
  7. Everything not explicitly disallowed by these rules is allowed.

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