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Shattered Kingdoms is a roleplay enforced mud which succesfully unites quality roleplay with the tactical considerations of challenging PK. Established in 1996, SK is considered one of the top muds out there today that are completely free - no pay to play, no pay for perks. In fact, no money changes hands between players and staff at all, as donations are not currently accepted.

Shattered Kingdoms is known for its high quality building, its abundance of unique quests in all degrees of difficulty, as well as having stable and well-written code which is constantly being improved and expanded. It has a challenging combat system, frequent and original immortal run quests, as well as an active, vibrant community, a large playerbase and a dynamic game world.

The world of Pyrathia is huge, boasting of more than 160 areas and well over 30,000 uniquely described rooms. Exploration is a never-ending pleasure, always offering a new adventure around each corner. New areas are constantly being added by a hard-working staff, and old areas are updated, improved and adapted to new IC contexts.

The six kingdoms on Pyrathia have player-run tribunals and cabals which influence the political and economic conditions of each nation. A new economy system has recently been added, and an expanded trade system is currently being developed.

While PK is largely unrestricted (the only exception is a feature protecting genuine newbies from harrassment), it is possible to play a non-violent character as well, gaining experience through quests, roleplay rewards, experience rewarded for discovering new areas and casting spells.

Whether your pleasure is roleplay, exploration, combat or a combination of all of the above, Shattered Kingdoms has what you seek. Come try us out today, you won't be disappointed!

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This MUD appeared to be ACTIVE at last check.