Sharptongue Sandwalker (died September 11, 3005), also known as Muddysnout, was a Demarian pretender to noble birth who served for a time of quartermaster of the GMF Athena before betraying the crew and joining forces with the Vollistan, Volari. He was killed aboard Volari's ship, the Strategic Retreat, when the ship was destroyed during the bombing of Phyrria.

Sandwalker declared himself the would-be Imperator of Demaria, and mention of the name of the true Imperiator, Sharpeye Skygazer, would often provoke him into a rage. Young and short, Sharptongue first announced his designs on the Imperatorship during a confrontation with Silvereye Paintedheart. He repeatedly claimed he would crush anyone in his way, but was unable to successfully foment a revolution.

Also known as Muddysnout, Sandwalker was actually a former servant of Stumppaw Sandwalker who posed as the noble's grandson when he got a job aboard the AES starship GMF Athena. He worked as the Athena's quartermaster, introducing paisley cargo strapping, and designed the crew's purple uniforms.

In August of 3005, he betrayed the crew, planting two bombs aboard the Athena in an act of sabotage on behalf of Volari. This sabotage stranded the Athena, which at the time was engaged in search for a cure to the Advanced Thul Resequencing Virus.

Sandwalker was believed killed when Volari's ship, Strategic Retreat, was blown up over Phyrria after Volari decimated Task Matrix Central with a glancing blast of a Coreseeker missile.