Name: Serenity MUSH


Telnet Address: 6060

Serenity MUSH is a MUSH based upon Joss Whedon's Firefly Universe, as set forth by the short-lived TV series of the same name, as well as the movie entitled "Serenity". The Firefly universe has been described as many things, and it is indeed many things. It blends sci-fi aspects with the lightning-fast gunfighting of a western. And that is every bit as true on the MUSH. With a few exceptions. With Admin permission, you can basically play any role you'd like. Be a Leaf on the Wind, like Wash. Or let a ship's part speak to you like Kaylee. Or take a more direct path, and let your guns do the talking.

On the MUSH currently, characters run the gamut from Alliance Federals, duty-bound to maintain order in a universe who hates them, all the way to a bloodthirsty Pirate Admiral with his own small fleet. And most everything in between is fair game.

The game uses a DSS Skill System, and fairly standard +nomination system, whereby fellow players can recognize great poses, some other impact a player has had on the game, or any reason the nommer enjoyed RPing with him. And don't worry about finding RP, there is ALWAYS RP somewhere, and the folks on the MUSH, staff and players both, are always more than happy to help out. Just don't be scared off if you are greeted by everyone at once upon logging on as a guest!

Disclaimer: Serenity: The MUSH is in no way affiliated with FOX Networks, nor Joss Whedon. All Firefly and Serenity images and logos are copyright their respective owners.

The Information below should be moved to a review page, as it contains opinionated information. Serenity MUSH is, personally, the most fun MUSH I've played, and I hope everyone who reads this at least stops by to say hello, even if your not familiar with the 'Verse. We have a players guide second to none!

So come on in and have a look, I think you'll like what you find! As a reference to get you started, take a look at out player's guide. It's due for revision very soon...but it'll be a good place to start!

This MUD appeared to be ACTIVE at last check.