One of two methods to becoming a line officer in the Royal Naval Service is graduation from the Royal Naval Academy. The RNA is located in Ynos and all students live in residences on the campus for the duration of their four-year programmes. RNA graduates are granted degrees in their chosen fields.

There are no tuition costs for the RNA -- in exchange, the Royal Naval Service demands a minimum of six years of service in the fleet following graduation. Although most RNA graduates end up as career officers, many leave after this six-year period to put their education to use elsewhere.

Most Marine officers graduate from a two-year training programme also offered at the Royal Naval Academy. However, some Marine officers take the full four-year programme at the Royal Naval Academy with a specialization in the skills necessary to becoming a Marine officer.

There are two academic terms in every year during the Fall and Winter. Cadets spend summers on different training assignments depending on their year. Cadets are granted 14 days of leave during the summer and leave during certain other periods of the year, such as the winter holidays.

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