The Royal Franklin Theatre is a famous playhouse and auditorium in Enaj on Sivad. It hosts several cultural groups and is famous as one of the birthplaces of the Sivadian classical school of music.

Located in the heart of Enaj, off Cobb Square, the Royal Franklin Theatre, and its resident troupes, the Royal Sivadian Theatre Company, the Opera Sivadia, the Enaj Philharmonic Orchestra, and the Corps d'Ballet of Sivad has, for the last hundred seventy years, been a Sivadian cultural icon. Established in 2830 by King Franklin I as the Royal Sivadian Theatre, it was renamed the Royal Franklin after the king's death in honor of its sponsor.

Each year the theatre hosts a great number of events, both artistic and purely social. One of the highlights of each year is the Opera Ball, held before the first performance of each season. This black-tie event is routinely attended by the height of Sivadian society, including many members of the Royal family and Council of Equals. Similar events are held for the Ballet and Theatre companies, and other events, such as a huge masquerade ball, are held annually.

The theatre is supported almost completely by private contributions, with the building itself maintained by a government grant paid every year since 2854. Several levels of contributions, the highest of which known as the Aria Society, provide funding for the theatre and its three acting groups in excess of two million yojj-sterling a year.

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