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The Rockhopper's Haven is a tavern in the settlement of Resilience on Ungstir. A common place for off-duty miners to drink away, it is weekly host to several brawls which are casually overlooked by law enforcement as long as they don't rise beyond fist fights. The tavern features a large bar and is decorated with abandoned mining equipment.


This cavernous chamber in the natural rock of the Ungstir planetoid appears to be some kind of converted mining operation facility, with large, rusty ore grinders, separation platforms and storage silos arrayed throughout. Automated ore-hauling bots - still functional despite age - whir and clunk overhead, following tracks set into the ceiling that weave around the antiquated mining equipment.
Metal-seated stools border a semicircular bar counter which is about one hundred feet long from end to end.
The bartender is usually clad in mining gear - complete with hardhat and overalls - and it doesn't always appear to be just for purposes of keeping in theme. The Rockhopper's Haven has a reputation as a rough spot among rough spots, with fisticuffs and gunfights erupting on a fairly regular basis - thus keeping the civilian constabulary on their toes (when they aren't actually involved in the fights themselves).

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