Activity in the Ungstir region tends to be centralized around Resilience, the main hub of Ungstir-Two, a network of mining facilities converted into a functional colony following the destruction of Ungstir Prime and Ungstir-Three. While the recent years have seen economic stability in the capital city, calling her wealthy would be a bit of a stretch. When compared to other, more prosperous worlds, Ungstir certainly has the look and feel of a slum.

The city itself is divided into five districts, whose long corridors are etched with the names of Ungstiri who have passed away -- the only memorials on a world free of gravesites. Each district is subdivided into quadrants which each have their own power, air, and gravitic, facilities.

Tereshkova District Edit

The area of the rock most offworlders visit. This is the cosmopolitan sector, containing expansive commericial and residential quadrants. It is home to the port and custom authorities and the famous Rockhopper's Haven, as well as well-known exporters such as New Murmansk Mining and Manufacturing, Boromov Technologies, and Rockhopper manufacturer Vroom!.

Fissure District Edit

Located deep in the Rock, where a natural fissure within the planetoid has created a huge cavern, Fissure is best known for the more traditional views of its inhabitants. Most have a heavy accent and are known to be a touch stubborn, even for Ungstiri.

Tomsk, Volkov and Kazachye Districts Edit

The remaining three districts are each focused about a particular set of manufacturing facilities where most of their inhabitants work.

Regardless of area, only the minimum heat required to support life is employed, and since all lighting is artificial in Resilience, it is a very chilly place indeed. It is often said that the only time one cannot see an Ungstiri's breath is when he is dead.

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