Coordinates X: -993678
Y: -910713
Z: -995372
Climate Temperate/dry
Terrain Grasslands, forest, mountains
Population 50,000,000
Government and Economy
Government Council
Gross World Product (GWP) Unknown

Deep canyons and gorges slice through the large single continent on this brown-blue world, the single land mass surrounded by an archipelago of smaller islands and reefs in an oceans of blue.

The planet's single land mass provides for a moderate, temperate climate with four distinct seasons in the worlds year. Quaquan has hot summers with cool winters - one, two or three months of snow may stay on the ground.

Annual temperature ranges are quite high because of continentality.

Precipitation from mid-latitude disturbances occurs all year long but summers tend to be wetter because of convectional rainfall.

Most significant is the lack of impact of the Quaquan people on the native ecosystems, with great portions of the land forms remaining natural and undisturbed.

The sea, islands and single continent are teaming with biological sign, indicating a wide variety of both indigenous and imported life forms. The human population is small for a planet this size, with few dense habitations. The primary resources of Quaquan are centered about those natural.

A high degree of agriculture appears to be tended by well developed environmentally friendly technologies.

There is a very small industrial base, focused on renewable resources and not Quaquan's rich level of unexploited of minerals and ores.

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