A small electronic bundle with diodes that attach to the user's forehead. This armor functions properly *only* for individuals with the telepathic gift. Created as a defense for psionic beings against physical attackers, this is the first successful attempt to give telepathy coherency. It works as a conduit for the user's telepathic powers, convincing the user's cells to strengthen and harden at the point of impact to lessen the damage done to the body. This is an instantaneous process, but it still requires consciousness and a clear idea of where an attack will hit, either through the senses or psionic means. Some users have indicated that a faint pink glow briefly sometimes appears at the point of impact when they're hit with sharp edges, but this is unconfirmed. Frequent use of this device will often lead to cancer, and beings with a high amount of full-body genetic manipulation are discouraged from using the device because of their higher risk of cellular diseases.

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