Population: 98,000

Breakdown: 42% Qua, 29% Lunite, 13% Human, 11% Vollistan, 5% Miscellaneous

Sitting at the edge of over 8000 square miles of farmland, Pitchton is a sleepy, sprawling, decentralized city of farmers and ranchers, and is considered the breadbasket of New Luna.

Its most notable borough is Boltroot Town, which holds the insular (and some might say primitive) Rooters. This group of about 400 people are descended from those Humans who abandoned the teachings of Russ Plaindid and latched onto the charismatic separatist by the name of Harriet Naismith. Their group sailed for the main continent in 2821, and founded Pitchton in 2849. They are afforded 30 square miles of farmland close to the city to farm in their primitive fashion and raise their domesticated Seraff.

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