The Pirate's Guild was one of the two major Guilds operating out of Tomin Kora as part of Fagin's Riches, and one of the sorces of Lord Fagin's economic power in the Fringe.

Pirate ships were quite commonly found in the Fringe, far from the Stellar Consortium's Vanguard patrols or the repressive power of the Parallax. In 2593, when the first Lord Fagin centralized his power on Tomin Kora, he established the Guild to dominate piracy in the region. Most pirates operating in the Fringe became Guild members; those that did not soon ran afoul of the Guild and faced the consequences.

The Guild provided its pirates with well-equipped ships, financial resources and various hideouts scattered around the galaxy, including its secret headquarters in Freewheeling on Tomin Kora. Members of the pirate's guild could frequently be found aboard Nephthys, the commercial space station in the Tomin Nebula through which much Fringe commerce passed.

The Guild was run by a Guildmaster, who answered directly to Fagin's majordomo. The last known Guildmaster of the Pirate's Guild was Valor, a human who turned out not to be the best choice for such an important position. In 2650, when the Guild fell on hard times under his leadership, he went to Fagin's current majordomo, Grim, and requested that he be released from his position as Guildmaster and be allowed to retire from the Guild. Grim was annoyed, but agreed, allowing his guildmaster to retire in exchange for a heavy payment: most of the wealth he had acquired as Guildmaster, plus the arm of his choice.

Valor, much poorer and minus an arm, settled on Demaria, opened a shop and attempted to pass himself off as a Demarian despite being extremely human in appearance. The Pirate's Guild descended into a period of anarchy and disorder, ceasing to be a force to be reckoned with in the Fringe. Before Fagin could rebuild it, the Guild and all its surviving members were exterminated by the Kretonian invasion in 2651.

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