[[Image:|125px|Image of a Phyrrian]]
Scientific Name
Classification Sentient Mechanoid
Average Height varies
Average Weight varies
Average Lifespan varies
Native Language Binary
Homeworld Phyrria

Phyrrian Tasker Units are mobile robots equipped with advanced artifical intelligence. Taskers come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and temperments to suit their equally varied purposes. All are designed by the Overmind to collect the vast amounts of data it requires, generally by performing a specific duty or set of duties. They are designed to self-destruct or otherwise resist investigation or modification of their internals by non-Phyrrians; however, skilled individuals have compromised a Tasker on at least one occasion.

Taskers intended to interact with other races on a regular basis are generally considered to be sentient or at least treated as such under the law. As a general rule, they are designed to reason using strict logic and according to utilitarian principles, without anything resembling the emotions of other races. This is apparently an intentional decision by the Overmind; it has on one occasion 'reincarnated' an emotion-capable rendition of David Porter using available data on him.

Taskers are not necessarily treated with the full degree of respect or suspicion accorded to the Overmind, and there is some justification for this. A Tasker contains only the portion of the Overmind needed to complete its tasks and must physically connect with the Overmind on Phyrria in order to exchange data. While separate, it may display something of an individual personality; biological sentients have even been known to attribute emotions to particularly sociable Phyrrians to whom they have grown attached.

Taskers almost always behave in a law-abiding fashion, though their specific task may at times recieve a higher priority. Members of the Decimator Fleet, a defense force revealed in late 3005, have contravened Ungstiri law without being questioned. An unarmed, apparently defective Tasker seen breaking into ships, on the other hand, was destroyed by the Ungstiri Militia. Beings also called Phyrrians were greatly feared by organic sentients of an alternate universe from which the present Galactix comes, though these crewmembers have been reluctant to discuss their experiences with the media.

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