Coordinates X: -4000000
Y: 1000009
Z: -1023456
Climate Toxic
Terrain Rocky
Population Unknown
Government and Economy
Government Overmind
Currency None
Gross World Product (GWP) Unknown

A pollution-shrouded planet crusted over with the ruins of what appears to be a dead civilization.

A broad expanse of sea runs scarlet between the shores of steel and sand. Besides a variety of hardy microorganisms, fungi and insects, there really are no ecosystems to speak of on this world.

Beyond the scant microorganisms, fungi and insects there is a scattering of ruined cities across the surface suggest the past existence of a long-dead civilization.

A concentration of newer structures built among the ruins of one of the dead cities on the second largest continent.

The massive planet contains a high degree of mineral resources, with concentrations highly refined and exotic metals. While there are no signs of life or civilization there and millions of small and large scale energy sources grouped about the planet.

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