The Panasagia is the primary governing body of the planet of Castor. It is made up of the High Sages that are appointed by each Council of Sages on the planet: one High Sage form each Council. The Panasagia serves three primary purposes:

  • To make and enforce laws for the planet.
  • To make and determine intergalactic policy for the planet.
  • To serve as the highest court of appeal for most criminal and civil matters, and the first court for the most serious of crimes.


The Ubercast is elected from the Panasagia for one-year terms. The Ubercast acts as the primary face and voice of the government. While the Ubercast does not officially have any extra legal powers, he is often the most visible member of the Panasagia, both on and off of the planet; which can translate to extra power.

Some of Castor's Ubercasts have been Fimkin (2651), Wulkachim (3002), Sedrikin (3002), Wulkachim (3003), Olumme Chiummo (3004).


Traditionally, the Panasagia focuses on issue that affect the whole planet, both at home and across the galaxy, while the Council of Sages focus on local matters. When the two domains overlap, though, the word of the Panasagia trumps the Council of Sages.

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