These are application concepts that we get often enough here at OtherSpace to make them cliché. While it isn't a certain guarantee you'll be rejected for using these, it will often make it harder to be accepted. Some of these are specific to OtherSpace. Others are general to many settings.

  1. Parents are killed by pirates.
  2. Black trenchcoats or gunmetal gray jumpsuits.
  3. Goal: to learn lots and explore the galaxy.
  4. Values: friends, loyalty.
  5. Lost a loved one in a tragic accident.
  6. Seeks vengeance against the people who killed his/her parents.
  7. Was hit on the head and lost his/her memory. Has no idea what his/her background is, but has killer combat skills.
  8. Demarian nobles who defy noble culture.
  9. Beaten by father, and as a result, grew up to be an unfeeling killer.
  10. Castori (often noted for their brilliance as a species)who are supergeniuses, even for Castori.
  11. Sivadian who rebels against the use of Specialists.
  12. Humans who rebel against their parent(s) xenophobic natures and go to seek their futures off of Mars.
  13. Humans whose parents are freedom fighters or are otherwise involved in politics and through that, the family relocates.
  14. Playing a psionic member of a non-psionic race.
  15. Rogue/Combat/Fighting Monk/Kung Fu Mystics.
  16. Female character that's sexually assaulted as a child, and grows up to hate/kill men.
  17. Sivadian cyborg or genetically-enhanced supercop.
  18. Orphaned in early to mid-teens, and left to fend for yourself.
  19. Eyes that seem to look into your soul/bore into you.
  20. Kicked out of the military for a crime s/he didn't commit.
  21. Unexplained scars on the face.
  22. Parents were killed in the explosion of Earth, but s/he miraculously survived because s/he was somehow off-world at the time.
  23. Teenage hacker without parental guidance that cracks a major site and becomes an overnight millionaire.

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