The new OtherSpace Trade System allows players to purchase trade goods that they can then transport, either by personal starship or passenger shuttle, to other worlds where those goods are in demand.

Goods are bought and sold using local currencies. You'll need to convert cash on hand using banking consoles on each planet. Each unit of cargo weighs 20 encumbrance points on your +inv listing.

Here's a rundown of the current trade merchant locations and their goods:


  • Ungstir SELLS: Starship Parts
  • Ungstir BUYS: Water, Grain, Standard Rations, Mining Equipment, Fruit


  • Sivad SELLS: Sugar, Polydenum Matrices, Water
  • Sivad BUYS: Tea Leaves, Metazone, Starship Parts, Vehicle Parts, Energy Weapon Parts, Frozen Embryos, Holographic Equipment, Medical Equipment


  • Antimone SELLS: Valsho Berries
  • Antimone BUYS: Polydenum Matrices, Vehicle Parts, Starship Parts


  • Castor SELLS: Medical Equipment, Holographic Equipment, Vehicle Parts
  • Castor BUYS: Valsho Berries, Polydenum Matrices, Starship Parts


  • Demaria SELLS: Dribgib Birds, Fruit
  • Demaria BUYS: Starship Parts, Vehicle Parts, Datapads, Polydenum Matrices

Tomin Kora

WARNING: Tomin Kora is a dangerous planet where characters may be killed in the process of doing business. No luck cards allowed.

  • Tomin Kora SELLS: Narcotics
  • Tomin Kora BUYS: Water, Grain, Standard Rations, Polydenum Matrices, Energy Weapon Parts, Starship Parts, Vehicle Parts, Datapads


  • Odari SELLS: Metazone, Frozen Embryos, Energy Weapon Parts
  • Odari BUYS: Sugar, Mining Equipment, Polydenum Matrices, Narcotics


  • G'ahnlo SELLS: Water, Frozen Embryos, Energy Weapon Parts, Vehicle Parts
  • G'ahnlo BUYS: Starship Parts, Polydenum Matrices, Datapads


  • Quaquan SELLS: Tea Leaves, Grain, Standard Rations, Fruit
  • Quaquan BUYS: Starship Parts, Polydenum Matrices, Dribgib Birds


  • Mars SELLS: Datapads, Mining Equipment, Medical Equipment
  • Mars BUYS: Starship Parts, Polydenum Matrices, Energy Weapon Parts


  • Luna SELLS: Mining Equipment, Energy Weapon Parts
  • Luna BUYS: Water, Grain, Standard Rations, Fruit, Starship Parts, Vehicle Parts

More trade merchant NPCs and goods are likely to be added in the near future.

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