OtherSpace is an original themed MUSH that portrays various worlds and races a thousand years into the future.

New players are often greeted by experienced players and staff that work to help a new player find an enjoyable character concept as well as providing assistance in navigating the information the new player is introduced to upon logging in. A Wiki at allows information to be displayed for new players effectively. The information is essential, as Otherspace has an application process that requires a short biography before entering the game world. Approval can take up to 48 hours after submission, and rejected biographies are sent back with suggestions for improvement. This can occasionally lead to a new player spending a week reading and writing before being approved, but this is rare.

The character base of Otherspace is moderately sized, often seeing 40 characters on weekends, 25-30 characters on weeknights, and about 15 characters even in the middle of the night Eastern US time. The wiki and forums are active, with logs and character diaries posted on an almost daily basis. There are also several channels that allow the community to chat. New players are often greeted by a large portion of the playerbase to welcome them. Overall the community is healthy and active.

Finding roleplay as a new player can be difficult at times, but there are several groups that cater specifically to new players, and the newbie helpers during the creation process often try to guide new players to factions and organizations that are able to supply scenes shortly after joining.

For those looking for PvP and heavy combat, it should be noted that neither of those are to be found in great quantities on Otherspace. Characters can and do die, but it is not a regular occurrence.

While there are basic econ systems, none of these are essential or emphasized within the game. Between this and the lack of heavy combat, it should be noted that Otherspace tends to be light on the use of code, and emphasizes playing characters appropriately.

For those who enjoy smaller, active roleplaying communities that are light on dice and code, then Otherspace may be worth looking into. Those who want regular combat and character killing will likely not be satisfied.

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