Osirian Enterprises is an independent organization focused on humanitarian aid and medical research projects.

General information Edit

Osirian ring

The Osirians' ring.

Osirian Enterprises was founded by Ruin Pia with the help of Leodhais Chaloux and Gennadiy Andreovitch - initially in order to create a means to facilitate the licensing of medical practicioners on multiple worlds. While that's still the primary focus of the organization, the Osirians have taken on a number of other projects in the fields of medical and scientific research, often with a strongly humanitarian focus.

Generally ship-based, those employed by Osirian Enterprises may find themselves stationed wherever the work takes them - whatever world, whatever ship that might be.

Current roster Edit

Ruin Pia

Gennadiy Andreovitch

Leodhais Chaloux

Alandra Moira Barras

Jantine Osligoth

Ras Algethi

Tom Rathenhope



OOC Information Edit

Osirian Enterprises is constantly on the lookout for people working in scientific, medical, or legal fields who have an interest in humanitarian work. The organization is willing to train people to fill whatever roles might be required of them - the main criteria being a willingness to adapt and a desire to help. Contact Ruin, Gena, or Leodhais by @mail if interested.

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