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The Orion Arm Treaty Organization (OATO) was formed by treaty in 3003 to address Nall aggression. It is a mutual defence pact between numerous worlds including Sivad. The OATO has its headquarters in Ynos on Sivad. Its ruling body is the OATO Council.

Flag of OATO

The flag of OATO

Decisions by the CouncilEdit

Established blockade around Nocturn
Proposed New Luna's membership


  • Secretary General: Sir Oliver Jermyn
  • Supreme Allied Commander: vacant, formerly Rear Admiral Dame Katherine MacKenzie
  • Members of the Security Council:

Member nationsEdit

National Leader: Richard I, King of Sivad
Representative: Sir Oliver Jermyn, Ambassador and Plenpotentiary
National Leaders: G'ahnli Commerce Council
Representative: Public Accountant Plorubo
National Leaders: Odarite Merchants Guild
Representative: Trade Minister Zrt'kfr
National Leader: Solon Solilopaxillthrixian
Representatives: Solilopax and Xeter Tepazatifeladesuyabev
National Leader: Ubercast x
Representative: x
National Leader: President Drycin Klovor
Representative: x
National Leader: Senate President Tuftcheek Longvision
Representative: Longvision and Battleclaw Silvereye Paintedheart

Former MembersEdit

National Leader: Governor James Tullius
Representative: Tullius

After Governor James Tullius' government was deposed by General Savant's coup, La Terre disconnected from the OATO by Savant's order.

National Leaders: Emperor Mrr'traug and Emperor Jerge Jorgenson
Representative: vacant, formerly Admiral Mrr'lato, Crown Prince of the Empire

Technically still members but have no base of operations in the Orion Arm since the loss of Ganymede

National Leader: Cliff Trumble

The Luna that was a member of OATO was the alt-version of Luna which was switched with the original version after the second moebius wave. The original Luna became part of the Solar Republic.

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