Until the introduction of career service in 2853, Royal Sivadian Navy officers were commissioned only to one ship, i.e. as Lieutenant of HMS Warspite, rather than as Lieutenant in His Majesty's Navy. When the ship was "paid off" and taken off active service, the officer's commission also terminated, and the officer would wait on half-pay for reassignment. In the modern Royal Naval Service, officers recieve their commissions upon passage of the Lieutenant's Examination, and retain it until retirement or seperation from the service. Retired officers with sufficient service, as well as disabled officers, recieve half-pay.

The traditional wording of an RNS or Royal Marine commission is:

By the Commissioners for Executing the Office of Lord High Admiral of the Kingdom of Sivad

To ................., hereby appointed a ............... in His Majesty's Fleet.

By Virtue of the Power of Authority to us given by His Majesty's Letters Patent under the Great Seal, We do hereby constitute and appoint you a ............... in His Majesty's Fleet. Charging and Commanding you in that rank or in any higher rank to which you may be promoted to observe and execute the King's Regulations and Admiralty Instructions for the Government of His Majesty's Naval Service and all such Orders and Instructions as you shall from time to time receive from Us or from your Superior Officers for His Majesty's Service. And likewise Charging and Commanding all Officers and Men subordinate to you according to the said Regulations Instructions or Orders to behave themselves with all due Respect and Obedience to you their Superior Officer.

Given under our hands and the Seal of the Office of Admiralty this ............ day of ....... 30... in the ..... Year of His Majesty's Reign.

By command of their Lordships, for His Majesty the King,

With Seniority of .........

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