[[Image:{{{world_image}}}|125px|Image of Odysseus]]
Location Destroyed
Coordinates X: 3284796
Y: 1128119
Z: 2701272
Satellites Scylla and Charybdis (black holes)
Climate Uninhabitable outside pressurized caves
Terrain 100% barren, rocky
Population Unknown
Government and Economy
Government None
Currency N/A
Gross World Product (GWP) none

Odysseus was the name of a small rogue planetoid in deep space near the Tomin Nebula. Barely larger than an asteroid, Odysseus was perched precariously between two black holes, Scylla and Charybdis.

In the year 2650, John Christian Falkenberg and the crew of the Zephyr discovered Odysseus while on a survey mission seeking a new secure location for the palace of Lord Fagin, the Pirate King, after his famous fortress on Tomin Kora was destroyed. Falkenberg and the Zephyr crew discovered a system of pressurized caves on Odysseus with a primitive life support system in place, which it soon turned out had been installed by a group of rogue Nall who had been using Odysseus as a base. The Zephyr crew cleaned out the Nall after a brief combat engagement, and returned to notify Fagin's majordomo, Grim, of the find.

Shortly thereafter, Fagin constructed a new fortress on Odysseus, and announced a special party, open to anyone bold enough to pilot their way past the black holes, to celebrate its completion. Several important figures from around the Fringe attended, and at least one ship was destroyed when it parked too close to one of the black holes.

Fagin remained secure on Odysseus for a time, until shortly before the Kretonians began their invasion of known space in 2651. At that time, a small team led by Orandius Jaxx succeeded in destabilizing the orbit of Odysseus, leading to the planetoid's doom as it was swallowed by Charybdis.

While it had been hoped by Jaxx and his team that this assault killed the Pirate King, in fact he had already evacuated Odysseus to take up residence in his secret lair, specially prepared aboard Sanctuary.

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