The Obelisk of Truth was the counterpart to the Obelisk of Power. Created millennia ago by an ancient race, its purpose was as a weapon to defeat a powerful entity known as Voltrix. It was created by a select group giving up their mortal bodies and placing themselves within the Obelisk. With their combined strength, the Obelisk was used to defeat and contain Voltrix, sending his energies into the Obelisk of Power. This new prison for Voltrix was placed within a sealed crypt and set adrift amongst the stars. The Obelisk of Truth was seperated into three pieces and placed among three worlds for safekeeping.

Unfortunately for Sanctuary, the crypt containing Voltrix, adrift for so long it had become encased in rock, was discovered by a scouting party and brought aboard for study. After removed from the rock, one of the individuals studying it, Gunn, opened the crypt, discovering the Obelisk of Power. It was set aside for additional research, and this task fell to some of the resident scientists, including a Demarian called Silverstripes. During tests on the Obelisk, his hand brushed across its surface, and this act allowed Voltrix to possess him. Reborn once more, Voltrix began to wreak havoc upon the ship, injuring and even killing those who dared to stand against him.

Study of the crypt revealed the story behind Voltrix, and the existence of the Obelisk of Truth. Armed with clues to the whereabouts of the three pieces, a group led by John Falkenberg set out to find them. They were successful, and when Falkenberg gathered the last piece, the reformed Obelisk joined with his body, giving him the power it contained.

Armed with this power, Falkenberg confronted Voltrix, still possessing Silverstripes, in a final showdown that nearly destroyed Sanctuary's residential quarter. After intense combat, Silverstripes fell, and Falkenberg thought he had won. Instead, Voltrix emerged from Silverstripes, having lived within his body long enough to survive outside of it. The battle continued, until finally, Falkenberg prevailed, and Voltrix was contained in the Obelisk of Power once again.

Using the power of the Obelisk of Truth, Falkenberg destroyed the Obelisk of Power. Its eternal purpose now served, the Obelisk emerged from Falkenberg and fell silent, becoming nothing but regular stone.

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