Name Novo Upanje

Theme New World of Darkness

Site 9998



Novo Upanje is a World of Darkness (or nWoD)set in San Arden, California. San Arden is a fictional city of about 2.3 million people, set not too far from Los Angeles.. and it is a city with some problems. A recent plague has wiped out all the cities supernatural denizens - as far as anyone can tell - and then completely vanished. Naturally, this has left a power vacuum, and if there's anything supernatural beings are good at, it's seizing opportunities for power.

Purpose of Novo UpanjeEdit

Novo Upanje, the MUX, is designed upon three core principles - honesty, fairness, and politeness. It is focused upon the players and the staff working together to create stories. Everyone who plays here starts at the same starting point chargen level as the founders of Novo Upanje believed that leaders would naturally rise up to the top due to their actions and not due to stats. The momentum of this game likewise falls upon the players. It is the players who will tell the majority of the sotries, form sphere and intersphere politics with the games staff supporting players every step of the way.

What Novo Upanje offers is the freedom for players to create their own stories at any given time without staff interference. Your stories are your own, from the open chargen player creation, gaining XP via +vote and timed XP to most of your XP spends done within the game's XP spend room.

This MUD appeared to be ACTIVE at last check.

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