Coordinates X: 15062800
Y: 6480111
Z: 15010531
Climate Dusty
Terrain Rocky
Population 20
Government and Economy
Government None
Gross World Product (GWP) Unknown

A rocky-looking planet swept with frequent windstorms and icy cloud banks. Mostly plains, but there are occasional mountain ranges.

The surface of Nocturn is dominated by a single arid climate, with a high alkaline content with almost no detectable surface water.

Rocky and barren, there is little relief from the broken terrain aside from single peaks thrust up by volcanic action.

What little free water exists is almost immediately evaporated and returned to the planet's thick and dusty cloud cover.

No life signs are indicated beyond a skeleton crew maintaining a small refueling depot and archaeological base camp located at the edge of a deserted plain.

While showing signs of being artificially crafted, scans do not reveal any significant level of mineral or biological resources.

There are remnant signs of Kamir habitation, and a high level of residual electromagnetic energy usually associated with psionic activity.

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